Starkey whitening Cream

  (Freshness-lightening-protection of skin) Rich in active ingredients and Silymarin extract Daily care moisturizes and opens skin color and gives it freshness and beautiful appearance in a short time Get a flawless and beautiful skin[…]

starky scrub cream

  For the face and body of the granules apricots and glycerol Activates the skin and makes it a scintillating clean and vital as this advanced formula you remove peels dull skin and leave it[…]

Final Touch hair oil

    It nourishes the hair and protect it from damage layering to look healthy and bright Resists roughness and hair loss It helps to prevent moisture to give the hair softness and flexibility It[…]


Rich in olive oil and chiropractor, which works to strengthen hair and nourish it and protect it from adverse environmental conditions It gives the hair a healthy and shiny look Healthy hair is not complicated[…]


  Advanced hair care formula Contains natural oils that nourish hair, protect it and give it health, softness and vitality Olive Oil ——— Oil of watercress——– Almond oil ——— Aloe vera oil Works on: Strengthens[…]

Shampoo Final Touch 2 × 1

  Gently cleans hair and gives him strength Processing the hair falling and damaged Moisturizing care for dry hair curly and long-lasting Increases the density of hair Moisturizes hair and eliminates cracker Healthy and clean[…]


Contains a range of vitamins important and useful for the skin Moisturizes your skin to become pure, smooth, bright, free of fat, sticking impurities and black heads   Suitable for all skin types Available in[…]


natural honey, cactus oil, olive oil and almond oil Daily care moisturizes and nourishes hair Give your hair freshness and a beautiful and strong look throughout the day Strengthens and fastens hair It gives hair[…]